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Salon day!

Gabriella vomited 6 times thru the night and I didn’t want her to get too cold in the bath this morning so I took her to my hair appointment with me to get her hair washed. It perked her right up!


It goes to show, a little pampering goes a long way! I got about 6 inches taken off my hair too. I really needed it, it was so heavy and really getting on my nerves. The only thing I liked about it was it was wash and wear. And though I love my new cut, I know it will be impossible to recreate at home.


So we’ll enjoy it while we can and back to the Mt Everest of laundry I have from last night!


Monster (food) post

I have about 5 or 6 blogs on the go covering different topics but I don’t know how I delude myself into thinking that each and every one of them won’t end up as a food blog. Because let’s face it, we write about what we know/love and we love food. Yes, we do.

So, I was off today and instead of taking advantage and sleeping because of an awful night’s sleep last night care of both my children (Max with a bad chest, poor baby. And Gia because she lost her doll and would not go back to sleep for 2 hours til I found it.), I cooked. Lots. Well, not LOTS LOTS but lots.

My friendly neighborhood butcher text me the other day to see if I wanted a pork shoulder and of course the answer was “Yes, please!”. So off it went into a vat of brine and then into the oven overnight last night. And TA DA! Pulled pork.


Yummy goodness.



Max has been teething then sick over the last couple of weeks and I am heartbroken trying to get him to eat. In the last few weeks, he’s only eating one proper meal a day at creche where they have no problem feeding him. Whereas at home, he’s refused to sit in his high chair, opting for the table (which is fine) and grazes for the rest of the day. Breakfast is a bust and dinner is the same. He’s also become more independent only eating if he can feed himself and I’ve been trying nearly every recipe known to man to get him to eat. He likes finger foods and will pick on bits of meat and vegetables separately. And despite both his Irish and Filipino heritage, he’s not fussed on eating potatoes OR rice. *tear* But if there’s one thing Max will eat, it’s meat. Chicken, pork, beef, fish. So at least he’s getting protein, right? Max can put away two adult portions of pulled pork! So tonight wasn’t too much of a bust. We’ll try again tomorrow. :)


Enjoying some pulled pork. Yummers.


It’s Roy’s 65th birthday today and following the upheaval at work with the yard flooding last week, I thought I’d make them dinner to give them a break. Now, I’m no gourmet chef but I have a pretty varied repertoire of dishes I make often. But over the last few years of trying to get them to try different foods, I’ve learned to stick to the one dish that I know they’ll enjoy and is easy peasy. Chicken and vegetable pie. Can’t be beat.



And lastly, cake. Birthday chocolate courgette cake. I know I only made it last week but Roy really enjoyed it and it’s relatively low in sugar (I never put in the amount in recipes, I normally halve it or more) plus we still had a few too many courgettes in the fridge waiting to be used. And we know that two cakes are better than one, especially when I am making something for someone else. No matter how many times I’ve made something, I need to taste test it to make sure it’s okay. 🙂 So candles went on to the round one and well, the loaf didn’t see the afternoon.







Mommy makes time

Let me start with my excuse, we recently moved over to winter hours at work. This meant I started and finished earlier so where I normally tAke the kids to school in the morning and the inlaws collect them in the evening we had to swap about. Also, I worked nine straight days at work followed by a very bad night’s (weeks) sleep and I was mommy monster this morning. We all slept in and were running late and when we got in the car gabriella was extremely put out that I was doing the school run today, my day off.

So when I found myself getting really snippy with my daughter, I took a deep breath and changed tactics. This afternoon became mommy and Gia afternoon. Forget the mountain of chores that never get done, we needed quality alone time together.


I collected her after school and we bought stuff for a picnic and we went to the craft village. We had a lovely afternoon looking at all the pretty (expensive) things.


And she especially enjoyed picking a few stones and we made up stories about them.


There was a queue for the toilets near where we were sitting and she ran over to me all excited and she said “mommy, look at this precious stone! I love it, it’s so unusual”. Everyone in the queue turned around to look at us. I’m hoping it’s because they found her precocious and were impressed with her vocabulary as opposed to being so deprived that she found stones amusing. 🙂

I love mommy and Gia day.

Mommy makes whoopie (pies, that is)


Whoopie pies were on the agenda the other night. I try and make a batch every once in a while to freeze for a quick snack. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever eaten them the normal way. Gabriella calls them ice cream sandwiches cos they eat them straight out of the freezer. I make them teeny as well. Bite sized as opposed the the American dinner plate size. It’s easier to handle and the kids feel they’re getting a real treat when I give them more than one.


I’ve only ever made Martha Stewarts banana whoopie recipe and reduce the sugar. We fill it with chocolate ganache or lemon cream cheese. They freeze really well but we normally finish a double batch in a month but I can only presume they can be frozen longer. They thaw well enough too.

Ready for the freezer.


We were running so late this morning that I gave my children cake for breakfast. Cake! (don’t judge me!) Albeit it was chocolate zucchini cake, it was cake. Even gabriella piped up with “We don’t eat cake in the morning, mummy!” and I replied “Shush, there’s vegetables in it!”.



So being my usual obsessive self, I’ve been looking for a madeline costume for gabriella for Halloween. Now I know there are some available but I find costumes to be so flimsy and poor quality. I’ve asked mom to get a yellow shift dress and shawl made for her and we’ll hunt up a hat to go with it but that won’t be until we go home. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes peeled at benetton or the like. Another thought was buying a school uniform as that’s what madeline actually wears. This school comes close, I would just need to swap the blue ribbon for a red one but I dont think they’ll randomly sell me a school uniform. Times like this I wish I could sew!

I am still on the hunt for a decent beginners sewing machine and lessons but that’s another tangent completely.

So off to google some more.

But before I forget, this blog post is titled “bonkers” because that’s how gabriella says good night as per Ms Clavel on the show, “bonne nuit mas petit bon coeurs” becomes “Good night, bonkers!”. Well. I don’t do a very good French accent either. 🙂

Spinning around…

We made pinwheel sandwiches for gia’s school lunch today. She had fun flattening the bread and rolling them up. I forgot to take a photo but it was pretty. I put a little note in, scribbled on some wax paper. I wonder if she’ll notice. 🙂

She’s been walking up on her own the last few days. Talk about disaster yesterday, I forgot to give her her lunchbox and by the time I managed to pull over she was in floods of tears! I felt sick with guilt all day! Anyway, I walked up with her today to carry her school books and a bunch of older girls said hello to her and I could hear them talking about how cute she was. It kinda made me feel better about the school to find the older kids so friendly.


UPDATE: I really wish I had taken a photo of my little pinwheel sandwiches this morning. I asked Gabriella this evening if she liked her sandwich and she said that her teacher took her lunchbox from her to show the teacher’s assistant and said she could eat them all up. Cute! 🙂

Sandwich bread man (woman)

The heart shaped eggs were good in theory and we taste tested them when we got home last night and they were lovely. But this morning I asked Gia to take a bite to make sure she would eat it and she said it was “funny on my Tongue”. So out the window that went (though not literally, I ate them). Gabriella’s lunch today was ta da!>>

A chicken and cheese sandwich woman. Hooray for cookie cutters. And back to the drawing board for portable meals I can prepare in advance that my child won’t turn her nose up at the next day. 🙂

Next on my agenda is a savoury whoopie pie type concoction. Need recipes!

We <3 eggs





Today marks the first full school day for Gabriella. Last week, they were only on from 9:30-12 so lunch wasn’t too much of a worry. I sent her off today with 2 mini brioche ham and cheese sandwiches. She loves “yellow bread”! But that’s about all my school lunch repertoire consists off. It also made me realise just how limited Gabriella’s diet is. Very healthy, but very boring. So I’m on a quest, not only to make fun  and healthy school lunches but to expand the variety of foods she eats. (And all this without becoming a bento mom. They’re pretty to look at and I would LOVE to make them, but the day I have time to cut out eyes and noses out of vegetables is the day I should be well, doing anything else!)


So, anyway, my first experiment is Scrambled Egg Muffins. No recipe needed, it’s just Scrambled Eggs. With stuff. Baked in a muffin tin. That’s it! 🙂

My only concession to fun was using the heart shaped silicone muffin molds. We will taste test it tonight and if it’s a success, it’s going in the lunch box tomorrow. Easy peasy.





I made that!

I’ve  started this blog with the intentions of recording the little (and big things) I make with or for my kids whether it’s food or fun crafts (or time!) as an outlet for my frustrated creative tendencies. What a mouthful! Gabriella has started school and I’ve been racking my brains and poring over site after site of ideas for school lunches and I need somewhere to record them. I hope this will become an easy resource for me to look back on as well as a learning journey I can take with them. Wish me luck! 🙂