Spinning around…

We made pinwheel sandwiches for gia’s school lunch today. She had fun flattening the bread and rolling them up. I forgot to take a photo but it was pretty. I put a little note in, scribbled on some wax paper. I wonder if she’ll notice. 🙂

She’s been walking up on her own the last few days. Talk about disaster yesterday, I forgot to give her her lunchbox and by the time I managed to pull over she was in floods of tears! I felt sick with guilt all day! Anyway, I walked up with her today to carry her school books and a bunch of older girls said hello to her and I could hear them talking about how cute she was. It kinda made me feel better about the school to find the older kids so friendly.


UPDATE: I really wish I had taken a photo of my little pinwheel sandwiches this morning. I asked Gabriella this evening if she liked her sandwich and she said that her teacher took her lunchbox from her to show the teacher’s assistant and said she could eat them all up. Cute! 🙂


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