So being my usual obsessive self, I’ve been looking for a madeline costume for gabriella for Halloween. Now I know there are some available but I find costumes to be so flimsy and poor quality. I’ve asked mom to get a yellow shift dress and shawl made for her and we’ll hunt up a hat to go with it but that won’t be until we go home. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes peeled at benetton or the like. Another thought was buying a school uniform as that’s what madeline actually wears. This school comes close, I would just need to swap the blue ribbon for a red one but I dont think they’ll randomly sell me a school uniform. Times like this I wish I could sew!

I am still on the hunt for a decent beginners sewing machine and lessons but that’s another tangent completely.

So off to google some more.

But before I forget, this blog post is titled “bonkers” because that’s how gabriella says good night as per Ms Clavel on the show, “bonne nuit mas petit bon coeurs” becomes “Good night, bonkers!”. Well. I don’t do a very good French accent either. 🙂


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