Mommy makes time

Let me start with my excuse, we recently moved over to winter hours at work. This meant I started and finished earlier so where I normally tAke the kids to school in the morning and the inlaws collect them in the evening we had to swap about. Also, I worked nine straight days at work followed by a very bad night’s (weeks) sleep and I was mommy monster this morning. We all slept in and were running late and when we got in the car gabriella was extremely put out that I was doing the school run today, my day off.

So when I found myself getting really snippy with my daughter, I took a deep breath and changed tactics. This afternoon became mommy and Gia afternoon. Forget the mountain of chores that never get done, we needed quality alone time together.


I collected her after school and we bought stuff for a picnic and we went to the craft village. We had a lovely afternoon looking at all the pretty (expensive) things.


And she especially enjoyed picking a few stones and we made up stories about them.


There was a queue for the toilets near where we were sitting and she ran over to me all excited and she said “mommy, look at this precious stone! I love it, it’s so unusual”. Everyone in the queue turned around to look at us. I’m hoping it’s because they found her precocious and were impressed with her vocabulary as opposed to being so deprived that she found stones amusing. 🙂

I love mommy and Gia day.


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