Monster (food) post

I have about 5 or 6 blogs on the go covering different topics but I don’t know how I delude myself into thinking that each and every one of them won’t end up as a food blog. Because let’s face it, we write about what we know/love and we love food. Yes, we do.

So, I was off today and instead of taking advantage and sleeping because of an awful night’s sleep last night care of both my children (Max with a bad chest, poor baby. And Gia because she lost her doll and would not go back to sleep for 2 hours til I found it.), I cooked. Lots. Well, not LOTS LOTS but lots.

My friendly neighborhood butcher text me the other day to see if I wanted a pork shoulder and of course the answer was “Yes, please!”. So off it went into a vat of brine and then into the oven overnight last night. And TA DA! Pulled pork.


Yummy goodness.



Max has been teething then sick over the last couple of weeks and I am heartbroken trying to get him to eat. In the last few weeks, he’s only eating one proper meal a day at creche where they have no problem feeding him. Whereas at home, he’s refused to sit in his high chair, opting for the table (which is fine) and grazes for the rest of the day. Breakfast is a bust and dinner is the same. He’s also become more independent only eating if he can feed himself and I’ve been trying nearly every recipe known to man to get him to eat. He likes finger foods and will pick on bits of meat and vegetables separately. And despite both his Irish and Filipino heritage, he’s not fussed on eating potatoes OR rice. *tear* But if there’s one thing Max will eat, it’s meat. Chicken, pork, beef, fish. So at least he’s getting protein, right? Max can put away two adult portions of pulled pork! So tonight wasn’t too much of a bust. We’ll try again tomorrow. :)


Enjoying some pulled pork. Yummers.


It’s Roy’s 65th birthday today and following the upheaval at work with the yard flooding last week, I thought I’d make them dinner to give them a break. Now, I’m no gourmet chef but I have a pretty varied repertoire of dishes I make often. But over the last few years of trying to get them to try different foods, I’ve learned to stick to the one dish that I know they’ll enjoy and is easy peasy. Chicken and vegetable pie. Can’t be beat.



And lastly, cake. Birthday chocolate courgette cake. I know I only made it last week but Roy really enjoyed it and it’s relatively low in sugar (I never put in the amount in recipes, I normally halve it or more) plus we still had a few too many courgettes in the fridge waiting to be used. And we know that two cakes are better than one, especially when I am making something for someone else. No matter how many times I’ve made something, I need to taste test it to make sure it’s okay. 🙂 So candles went on to the round one and well, the loaf didn’t see the afternoon.








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  1. I know what you mean, nearly every project I tackle ends up involving food in one way or another!
    The pulled pork looks fantastic!

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