Mommy makes an effort

12. Something that makes you happy

So, where did the last bazillion weeks go? Out the window, that’s where. I was going to start a brand spanking new blog today to add to my collection of oft neglected blogs but I thought, no, I will make the effort to revive this one. It doesn’t need to be limited to what I originally intended. It’s just going to be.

Mommy makes the effort and will try to keep making it too.

I came across a few things that revived my blogging mood (plus i’m procrastinating BIG time). First is fatmumslim‘s #photoaday challenge. An old classmate was posting photos on facebook and i didn’t pay much heed to it and then for some reason I stumbled across the blog and realised that they were doing the May challenge. It’s pretty cool and even though it’s mid month, I thought I’d give it a go. If anything, it might remind me to blog, even if it’s only a few lines. I started to think of a heap of things to photograph for today’s photo and I was walking over to the castle and the daisies made me smile. Simple, happy flowers that remind me of my brother. Done!

The second thing/s I came across were about 100 mommy blogs by these extremely good looking women with equally good looking children and husbands and homes and crafts and frequently updated blogs and I thought, wow. Way to feel inadequate. I barely have time to shit much less photograph and blog 50 beautiful things that happened to me today. Okay, I know I sound like a jealous cow. Likely cos I *am* but I will do my bit for me. No one else is reading this blog but me anyway. Okay, procrastinating is over for now. 🙂


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