22. Pink

Oh, I’m running a day behind. I got the photo taken but didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Its been so busy but I’m not complaining. Come September everything will have quietened down. I refuse to get sick over my busy wedding period and back to back shoots on top of my tour guiding stint and of course the kids. I can get sick in October.

G is doing the ISL sign for pink in the photo. I’ve missed the last 2 classes and I’m really hoping I don’t have to drop it. 😦 I teach her a few signs each week and she remembers signs for words she likes like dance, pink, rainbow, pet, etc 🙂 I suppose like any other language, you lose it when you don’t use it regularly so we try to practice together. It’s a bit frustrating that ISL is different to ASL and BSL too.

Anyway, I took the kids to see peppa pig live in Derry today.

I managed to snap this before they made an announcement that photos weren’t allowed ( apparently due to child protection)- oops!

We had an awesome day. It was actually warm today (18-21c IS warm in Ireland). G kept saying it was like being in the Philippines. She was so happy to be wearing a sleeveless dress and no leggings. She kept saying how she only wears “no sleeves” in Manila. And then when we went to the multi storey car park, she said, “Mummy, are you sure we’re not in the Philippines? This car park looks like the Philippines! It smells like it too!”

And when we went through the mall she said it was definitely like my home- full of shopping! Ah, my little country mouse.

Max was also amused that he was wearing shorts. He kept asking what happened to his trousers and kept pulling them down to cover his legs.


We were on our way home when Gia said she had to go to the loo and we stopped in KFC. It was getting late so I thought I’d get them something to eat. I got them popcorn chicken and chips and off we went in the car. Five minutes later, Gabriella informed me that she was not eating any of it cos it wasn’t real food!

We ended up stopping at a hotel and I got them some pasta. I am grateful that my kids don’t care for junk/fast food, just makes it awkward when there’s no where else to go. Neither of them will eat anything in mc donalds either. Maybe fries, in a push. Nor do they like soda, thank goodness. I’ll have enough dentists bills in the future with braces ( and it’s already evident Gabriella will need them) without having to contend with rotten teeth as well. We still get funny looks when she tells people at birthday parties that she doesn’t drink soda. And I’m being totally judgemental when I say who serves soda at a 5 year olds birthday party anyway! 🙂

If only I can wean them off chocolate!


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