This is the 3rd or 4th day that the temp has been in the mid-high 20s. In Donegal, that is considered a heat wave! šŸ™‚


It also means my freckles are multiplying. Yes, I am asian and yes, they are definitely freckles (not age spots, you cheeky bastard!) My mom is a a lot fairer than me and she’s freckly all over. Gabriella is too and I don’t think she got it from her daddy.

I didn’t forget my photo a day, I just didn’t take it with my phone so I must remember to upload it.

We had a great day yesterday. We started off with a breakfast tea party outside then headed off to a birthday party for one of gabriella’s school friends. It was a scorcher of a day and the kids were melting! Me too, actually.

We checked out the festival in town as well but the kids were so tired by then.


We missed the face painting so I promised them I’d do it at home. Gabriella wanted her arms “tattooed”.


She wanted a fruit arm and a vegetable arm. And she wanted to know did she really have to wait til she’s 18 to get a real one.


Hmm, methinks I’m going to have reconsider my standard answer of “when you’re 18”.

On another note, I was changing Max’s dirty nappy at the party yesterday and a little girl burst in cos she really needed the loo. I told her I was nearly finished but she could go if she didn’t mind I was still changing max. I had my back to her and max was standing in the corner when she said, “what’s that?”. I thought she meant the poopy wipes so I said, “it’s poop!”. She said, “that’s not poop! The long thing. My daddy has one but it’s bigger.” She saved me from having to respond by walking happily away.

Now the thing is, we have an open door policy in our house. My mom taught me to be comfortable in my own skin and would think nothing of getting changed in front of us. I don’t understand families who are so uncomfortable with seeing each other partially dressed or are appalled when someone farts. Like seriously, I’m not talking about a lack of privacy or walking around naked all day or letting loose all manner of bodily function. There’s modesty and there’s exhibitionism, I’m talking the line in between.

Anyway, what I’m wondering is, at what age do I say, right, can’t walk in on daddy having a shower or get out so I can change? It’s difficult because on one hand I teach them about private parts and good touch and bad touch, but I also want to instil a confidence in them, to be happy in their own skin and have that openness in our relationship that they can come to us because there are no closed doors? I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s a minefield!


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