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In today’s news…

What a day! It started at 2am, I was still up editing photos from the two awesome shoots I had yesterday when I heard max choking on the monitor. He was half retching, half gagging and got sick everywhere. This happened 3 more times until 7am. I was lying in bed trying to convince myself to get up when I heard Gabriella shouting from the bathroom.

She lost her 2nd tooth!!


Very exciting and I had to get up to make the appropriate fuss.

Jumped in the shower and raced down so gia and I could finish off the cake we made for her teachers for the last day of school.



I left her downstairs to finish her card for her teacher and ran back up to max who was awake in bed, just lying there with his suka towel.


I’m going off on a tangent here but it’s funny what Filipino words my kids retain. Suka (vomit), laway (drool), pag pag (I don’t know the translation but it’s beating the bed with the pillow to get rid of any…stuff), mahulog ka diyan! (you will fall), ipit (catch your fingers) and that’s about the extent of it. This makes me sad that they don’t know more but I really have to make the effort.

Anyway, back to our morning.


I was trying to get everyone ready to go while waiting for the doctor to come back, all max wanted to do was lie down with his suka towel and again Gabriella started yelling for me. I could hear her running up the stairs and I turned around to this:


She thought it up all by herself cos she couldn’t find any lipstick. She used different coloured markers to paint her lips and make kiss marks on the card. I was torn between hysteria and and amusement. Thank goodness for crayolas washable markers.

We managed to get out of the house eventually anyway. Gia had her last day of her first year of school (sniff, sniff). Max had a viral infection and hasn’t let go of me all day.




My poor maxie 😦 the only upside was I was forced to slow down instead of running around after myself and just be mommy.



Uh, oh!

Who’s a bad blogger then? I am still doing my photoaday but i’m also running around in circles so monster post coming up soon(ish)!


Day 5. Sign


Mind your head. I know this phrase in 5 languages. It was especially apropos today when I was trying to function on three hours sleep. My head was wrecked all day. Damned insomnia. Lack of sleep is torturous. I see why people go mad from it. Luckily, my body has an off switch and after about 4 days of little to no sleep, I will pass out for a full 14 hours. Sadly, tonight is not one of those nights.


My name in ISL 🙂


Day 4. Close-up


Sweet baby jeebus, it’s not a macro but this is as close as I was getting to it! I was keeping a close eye to make sure it was going in the opposite direction to me and then people started to come in and I lost sight of it! I’ll be jittery all day now! 😦


Day 3. Something on my plate


Divine! 🙂 I was out for dinner the other night and ordered a bleu steak and it came well done. The Irish, as a majority, prefer their steak cremated. I was so annoyed. So I had to make some myself. 🙂 yum!

Running on empty


Talk about running on empty, I don’t think we stopped all day. Work appointment, hair appointment, buying birthday presents, blessing of daniel’s garden, birthday party then shrek the musical to end the day.

I’m beat!

Catch up!

Day 30. Your Personality



A little bit crazy, a little bit desperate. That’s me.

Day 31. Something beautiful


A perfectly seared filet steak, cut paper thin. Served in a seaweed hand roll with rice, Japanese mayo, wasabi, scallions and Japanese pepper. Beautifully delicious.

June 2012

Day 1. Morning


Wakey, wakey, monsters! 🙂

Hello, June! How did you get here so fast?