Nothing good comes from a post that starts with a sigh. Unless its a love struck sigh but that’s not the case here. It is inevitably me whining for 1000 words about how tired I am and how much insomnia sucks.

I started this post off this morning full of self pity and recrimination about all manner of things. Some real, some imagined (at least I hope so). But it’s after lunch now and i had a hearty surf and turf salad- prawns and pork belly with Japanese dressing so I can hardly complain too much now.


Although my good humor is largely due to this. Hello, stroopwaffles. After a low carb week, it’s enough to send me sky high!

So back to my gloomy sleepless morning complete with erratic Irish September weather, I was well on my way to a pity party for one. It got so bad I was listening to josh groban. Guaranteed to make anyone maudlin. Although a little bit of Andrea Bocelli did lift me up a bit. Especially this one, lullaby

Too bad it didn’t put me to sleep though.

But it wasn’t so bad that I had to resort to watching homecoming videos on YouTube. That is my number one pity party activity of choice. What’s that you say? Go to YouTube, search homecoming and any number of videos will come up. I am specifically referring to American army/navy/air force/etc homecoming videos. The surprise ones are the best (or worst depending on how you look at it).

I watch them because,

A. When I get to those levels, I am usually a seething mass of tension and it’s the fastest way to make me cry
B. whatever your thoughts are about war, my life is not so bad that someone I love is away for months or years at a time with the very real prospect of bodily harm
C. I’m a sap.

So exhibit A is me this morning:


And exhibit B, me this afternoon. Slightly less sleepy even though I lost my lipstick. But still plenty neurotic.


I shall go now and get my head sorted for my monster summer post, if I ever get around to it.


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