Monthly Archives: January 2016

Mommy makes granola!

I feel like I should be growing my pit hair while I’m at it. I never in a million years thought I would be that person who made granola. But as with all things, when needs must, you do. 

When I was pregnant with Riona (a lifetime ago, it seems), I was obsessed with granola. Specifically, the granola that was €5 a pop at the Blueberry. Slathered with yogurt and lashings of honey and glistening berries, it was a thing of beauty. It still is.

I bought endless boxes of granola in different places and none of them compared. The most expensive box I got appeared to have all the bells and whistles but when I opened it, it smelled like the dregs of a deep fat fryer. Boke.

Fast forward to several months later and I took a notion today to make some. I used nigella’s recipe, not the one that caused the recent furore on telly but an older one.

It is divine! And super easy, you just throw shit together, et viola! Now I doubled the recipe but not the sugar/syrup/honey.and I still find it quite sweet but that’s a personal preference. 

It’s so so yummy. Having it for dinner as we speak! This is my only achievement for today, but it will do!