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Day 5. Sign


Mind your head. I know this phrase in 5 languages. It was especially apropos today when I was trying to function on three hours sleep. My head was wrecked all day. Damned insomnia. Lack of sleep is torturous. I see why people go mad from it. Luckily, my body has an off switch and after about 4 days of little to no sleep, I will pass out for a full 14 hours. Sadly, tonight is not one of those nights.


My name in ISL 🙂



Day 4. Close-up


Sweet baby jeebus, it’s not a macro but this is as close as I was getting to it! I was keeping a close eye to make sure it was going in the opposite direction to me and then people started to come in and I lost sight of it! I’ll be jittery all day now! 😦


Day 3. Something on my plate


Divine! 🙂 I was out for dinner the other night and ordered a bleu steak and it came well done. The Irish, as a majority, prefer their steak cremated. I was so annoyed. So I had to make some myself. 🙂 yum!

Running on empty


Talk about running on empty, I don’t think we stopped all day. Work appointment, hair appointment, buying birthday presents, blessing of daniel’s garden, birthday party then shrek the musical to end the day.

I’m beat!