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photo by Reuters

I am so so heartsick about the downed Malaysian flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia. Air travel comes with it’s own set of risks, but for a plane to be brought down, for those innocent passengers to become a statistic in a war that isn’t theirs, It really is heartbreaking. I guess I’m wrong in saying that too, we are all collectively involved and responsible for these atrocities, no matter how far away from home.

I fear the repercussions that will come from this. I can’t even whisper the words. WW. Which will be the straw that will break the camels back? How much longer can these things go on unheeded?

Living in the country side, it seems we are so far removed from reality sometimes. It takes something of this magnitude to pierce the bubble we build around ourselves. Any one of us could have been on that flight. 15 years ago, before the middle eastern airlines came to Dublin, that route was one of the few available to go to Asia and Australia. It does strike close to home.

The tears I shed for those families are useless. Where do we go from here?