We <3 eggs





Today marks the first full school day for Gabriella. Last week, they were only on from 9:30-12 so lunch wasn’t too much of a worry. I sent her off today with 2 mini brioche ham and cheese sandwiches. She loves “yellow bread”! But that’s about all my school lunch repertoire consists off. It also made me realise just how limited Gabriella’s diet is. Very healthy, but very boring. So I’m on a quest, not only to make fun  and healthy school lunches but to expand the variety of foods she eats. (And all this without becoming a bento mom. They’re pretty to look at and I would LOVE to make them, but the day I have time to cut out eyes and noses out of vegetables is the day I should be well, doing anything else!)


So, anyway, my first experiment is Scrambled Egg Muffins. No recipe needed, it’s just Scrambled Eggs. With stuff. Baked in a muffin tin. That’s it! 🙂

My only concession to fun was using the heart shaped silicone muffin molds. We will taste test it tonight and if it’s a success, it’s going in the lunch box tomorrow. Easy peasy.






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