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My daughter made me cry today


We had a Chinese lantern we were preparing to light and let fly for Christmas Eve.

Me: okay guys, you have to make a wish when we light the lantern.
Gia: a wish for who?
Me: your wish for Christmas.
Gia: I wish those people like in America after the storm and the people in the desert have homes and food to eat for Christmas.
Max: why are you crying, mama?
Me: cos you guys are the best.

If we wake up tomorrow and there is nothing under the tree, the love I have for my family will sustain us.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone.





So, it’s two days the Christmas. November has come and gone and I’m still not sleeping. Except for the 48 hours sleep I had when I was deathly ill with a chest and ear infection. I did predict it after the hectic summer we had. My martyr complex knows no bounds!

Anyway, I miss journaling. Listening to myself ramble on and on. And what prompted me to do it just now was panic. Panic that today, I found out that I am the heaviest I’ve ever been bar when I was pregnant. In fact, I probably weighed as much when I was eight months pregnant. It’s just not on anymore. I’m fairly happy with myself, I know I’ll never be the skinny girl I wished for and purged for in high school. But I’ve never been this big either. So time to have a rethink and a reset. Max is three next month and I know I will be blaming him for the rest of my life for never losing the baby weight! So let’s get this shit together. No New Years resolutions. This is today’s resolution.


No better time than now!

Although doing this two days before Christmas is akin to setting myself up for failure. Just a reminder to myself to take it easy. Step away from the trifle!

In other news, the kids are off for christmas holidays, it’s been equally fun and frustrating hanging out. Justin and I had date night for his birthday. We were out three nights in a row and I’m getting old. 🙂 no bouncing back the next morning like I used to. No sleep ins either 🙂



Mom is in Sydney with Bj, jj and arjay are with Bbd and dads at home.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning for the kids 🙂 hope Santa comes!